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13 December 2017The History of Pantomime - a very British Feast
10 January 2018Emerging from the shadows - the self portraits of Goya
14 February 2018Tamara de Lempika - Mistress of Art Deco
14 March 2018The Amadeus Myth - Mozart (1756-91) and his world

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The History of Pantomime - a very British Feast Giles Ramsey Wednesday 13 December 2017

Over 2500 years in the making the great British pantomime is a very potent brew indeed.  Mix the earliest Greek and Roman drama with the commedia dell'arte and medieval mortality plays, then stir in a sprig of C17th masque, a dash of C18th harlequinade and a hefty shot of Victorian music hall and, hey presto, you have the modern Christmas pantomime. (Oh no you don't!)